Finished Object: Zigzag Hat


Looking through the Holiday¬†2014 issue of Vogue Knitting, I was totally struck by the Chevron Hat pattern included in their story on burgundy knits. (I won’t get into my pet peeve of naming knitting stories or patterns after the colour of yarn they’re made in here). I had also discovered a yarn from Sandnes a few weeks earlier, the Soft Alpakka, a fluffy, and soft yarn that was a puffy ball of fluff. I wanted to mix the yarn with something sturdier and more traditional, so I grabbed some Rowan Pure Wool to serve as a stabilizing background for this. Following the Classic Watch Cap pattern, with the chart from the Chevron Hat, I knit stranded colourwork to create a zig-zaggy hat.

It’s cute, right? It’s totally solid and the inside is cozy with the fluffy Soft Alpakka, making a hat that’s sure to block the cold Montr√©al wind, come winter. I blocked the top over a plate to really flatten out the crown decreases, but it wasn’t tremendously successful.

I knit this while streaming Welcome to Sweden, one of my new favourite TV series! I couldn’t help but feel that the stranded colourwork goes well with a show about Scandinavia.
zig_zag Hat 1






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